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25 Jan

As we count down to KINKY BOOTS sashaying into 650+ cinema screens via More2Screen in February, have a look at the official cinema trailer - and eight other unmissable videos that trace the journey for this Northampton-set screen-to-stage-to-screen Broadway and West End hit.

21 Jan

Two weeks from today (21 January 2020), KINKY BOOTS sashays back into cinema as Kinky Boots The Musical gets its cinematic release. Faves founder Terri Paddock got a sneak-peek at an advance private screening along with leading lady-man Matt Henry and other members of the cast, reuniting a year after the musical hung up its heels in the West End...

31 Dec

Talk about a date to mark in your new year diary! KINKY BOOTS is strutting back into our hearts in just over a month, with its original West End stars, Olivier Awards winner Matt Henry and Olivier Awards nominee Killian Donnelly, reprising their roles on the big screen as More2Screen broadcasts the multi-award-winning musical to 650+ cinemas on 4 and 9 February 2020.

19 Nov

Yes, it’s true, the West End production of the award-winning Kinky Boots is being filmed later this month for future worldwide screening and from 26-28 November original cast members Killian Donnelly and Matt Henry are going to revisit their roles of Charlie and Lola. It’s going to be emotional…

24 Apr

Oliver Tompsett and Natalie McQueen will step into the lead roles of Charlie Price and Lauren in the London cast of Kinky Boots alongside Simon-Anthony Rhoden who continues as Lola.

22 Jun

In this third in Perry O'Bree's WEST END LIVE vlog series for #StageFaves, we get sneak-peeks at Richard O'Brien's new musical The Stripper, premiering this summer at the St James Theatre, and Robbie Sherman's Bumblescratch, as well as tub-thumping West End longrunner Stomp. Plus Perry celebrates at the Theatre Cafe's after-party with his own bid for StageFavedom at the open mic. How did he do?...