Critics are raving about... Annie

09 Jun
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Annie is getting rave reviews...

There aren't many musicals you could call a true classic, but ANNIE is certainly one of those select few. The heartwarming story of the little ginger orphan in 1930's New York who won the heart of a billionaire - and an entire nation! - against all odds, has earned its place in Musical Theatre history. It's always a gamble though, when a show is so well loved, to bring in a revival, especially starring someone who's never been on the West End before...

But tread those boards she did, and Miranda Hart has proven herself as a true #StageFave! And guess what...the critics are raving!

Dominic Cavendish: This is just what London needs right now. Young girls belting out "Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow!" at the tops of their voices, full of life, full of hope, fists clenched, boots stamping in defiance...My 12-year-old daughter Anna came out beaming...
THE TIMES - ★★★★
Dominic Maxwell: Blind optimism is no cure-all for life's nasty surprises, but now more than ever we could do with a dose to help to get us through the day...Slickly staged, buoyantly performed, motored by cracking musical set pieces and an expert mixture of naivety, whimsy and wit, it puts a smile on your face and a tear in your eye.
THE STAGE - ★★★★
Mark Shenton: The great joy of Nikolai Foster's production – originally staged at West Yorkshire Playhouse in 2011 – is how lovingly it conjures the period, and how lightly and brightly it plays the show without sending it up, yet also not drowning it in earnestness...
Ben Dowell: From the moment the orphanage doors are swept aside to present the drunken, lipstick-besmirched face of the ghastly old devil, Hart has the audience in the palm of her hand, delivering her fabulously villainous lines with physical and verbal skill while taking discreet (and sometimes not so discreet) swigs of gin.
Nikolai Foster’s Annie provides a showcase of talent amongst all ages, and sheds a beaming multi-coloured filter over a period of history that has seen far darker days....a bright and colourful experience that engages the audience in an entertaining evening of traditional musical theatre.
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