Join Faves founder Terri to quiz the creatives & stars of Fanatical

Join Terri at Fanatical

Get your geek on! As part of her ongoing post-show Q&A series, on Tuesday 20 November 2018, Faves founder Terri Paddock is at the Playground Theatre for the world premiere of new British sci-fi convention musical FANATICAL. Got any questions for the show's creatives and stars?

"After The Buskers Opera at the Park Theatre in 2016, I’m delighted to be able to work with The Stable on another world premiere, British musical. I saw extracts from Fanatical performed at The Stable’s New Songs 4 New Shows concert in the West End. It’s hilarious – and it’s so exciting now to see the show developed for full production." - Terri Paddock

In a distant Galaxy – the ragtag misfit crew of cargo ship Angel 8 are under the command of fearless pilot Iris Aucht.

Meanwhile…at a conference centre, somewhere in England – a ragtag misfit collection of 1,000 fans gather from all across the UK for Eight Con One, the first ever official convention of the cult TV show Angel 8.

Angel 8 started as a comic created by reclusive British Sci-fi author Scott Furnish. Its first TV outing ended on a shocking cliffhanger. With eager anticipation at the promise of a second series, these enthusiastic devotees have come together to celebrate their beloved series and to meet Scott face-to-face and hear his keynote speech.

Fanatical tells the suspenseful, comic, and affecting tale about being true to oneself, finding love against the odds, and snatching triumph from the jaws of disaster – proving that no power in the universe can keep a story from its fans. Music and lyrics are by Matt Board and the book is by Reina Hardy.

The cast for the premiere production, directed by Grace Taylor, are: Suanne Braun (Stargate, Red Dwarf, Mamma Mia!, Cabaret), Stephen Frost (Whose Line Is It Anyway?, Blackadder, Have I Got News For You, Mr Bean), Sophie Powles (Emmerdale, Britannia High), Tim Rogers, Amy Lovatt, Amber Sylvia Edwards, Eddy Payne and Theodore Crosby.

For the Fanatical post-show Q&A on Tuesday 20 November 2018, Terri will be joined by the writers and members of the company. CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS!