Get Social: HAIR’s 50th anniversary celebration!

24 Oct
Posted in: Get Social
Author: Natalie Gomez
The original HAIR tribe and the 50th anniversary cast unite!

Happy Birthday HAIR, 50 years young this October 2017! The 50th anniversary production of HAIR, currently running at THE VAULTS, celebrated with a fantastic gala evening! Tribes old and new came together with many original London cast members in attendance. We’ve rounded up 10 top tweets that make us love that hippie life!




The HAIR mural and the pink carpet all set for action!


Feel the awe! Original cast members Patti Boulaye and ELAINE PAIGE were there as well as HAIR co-creator James Rado!


And here we have a pair of Berger’s, ANDY COXON and Gary Hamilton…


…and two Claudes: ROBERT METSON and Paul Nicholas!


…and here’s the whole tribe old and new united!


And those hippies sure scrubbed up well! We think LAURA JOHNSON and ANDY COXON both look gorgeous!


The original tribe and the current cast #LetTheSunshineIn. Have you joined the dance yet? It’s time to come to THE VAULTS and join the HAIR tribe!