GET SOCIAL: #StageFaves winning over Friday 13th in 13 lucky tweets!

14 Oct
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Author: Natalie Gomez
Five Guys Named Moe

Friday 13th is supposed to be the unluckiest day in the year, but looking at our #StageFaves we’re not so sure! We tempted fate with 13 Friday 13th tweets!

We hope your Friday 13th didn’t live up to its name, ADAM ROBERT LEWIS!

And we hope you get a really lucky weekend to make up for the Friday 13th bus curse, LAUREN SOLEY. We all know how that feels!

Lucky for some…42ND STREET extends! What great news!

Plus rave reviews still coming for HAIR at the Vaults!

And of course, if you’re part of THE ADDAMS FAMILY Friday 13th is one of the highlights of the year! Right up there with Halloween…

…and thinking Halloween, how good does JOHN PARTRIDGE’s #FreakyFriday pumpkin soup look?

Friday means celebrating the start of the weekend like KINKY BOOTS, SUNSET BOULEVARD and FIVE GUYS NAMED MOE! Feeling lucky already…



As MOTOWN THE MUSICAL knows, dancing brings you good luck!

JOANNE CLIFTON and BEN ADAMS get that #FridayFeeling filming this exciting FLASHDANCE music video!

Here’s to Friday 13th!


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