INTERVIEW: Our #SummerMusicalMoment with Joelle Dyson

04 Aug
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Author: Staff
Joelle Dyson's #SummerMusicalMoment...

Our #SummerMusicalMoment interview series continues with Joelle Dyson! We chatted to the DREAMGIRLS star about her summer work schedule (it's a busy one), her next big holiday (even though it's a while away!) and her dream summer escape...

Hi Joelle and happy summer! So tell us, will you get any time off this season?
No time off for me! It's a tight squeeze to get holidays in at work so I'll be making the most of the sun on the Strand this year!

What will you be getting up to on your day off?
Sundays are usually for catching up with friends who aren't necessarily in the business and resting. It's your body's time to catch up with everything after a jam packed week.

Have you got any holiday planns at all? 
I am off to NYC later in the year. It's my first time visiting and I can't wait!

Where is your dream summer holiday escape?
I'd love to visit somewhere in the Caribbean. 

Get ready for the quickfire questions!

What are the 3 things you pack first?
Underwear (so I don't forget it!) bikinis and my SPF!

What’s on your summer playlist?
At the moment - Despacito by Luis Fonsi. Surely I'm not alone?

And finally, who would be your dream holiday companion?
My best friends! I can't think of an idol I'd want to lay on the beach with!

Catch Joelle in DREAMGIRLS this summer, and make sure you keep checking in for our next #SummerMusicalMoment...