Introducing our first #StageFavesSongOfTheWeek - Aquarius

08 Jan
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Author: Staff
StageFaves Song of The Week - Aquarius

It's a new year, so we thought why not start as we mean to go on, with some new #StageFaves segments!? After a little thought we had a lightbulb moment - why not feature a different song each week and tweet cool little bits of trivia about it as we go!? - and so, StageFaves #SongOfTheWeek was born! 

We racked our brains trying to think of the perfect song to be our inaugural feature and we even asked you guys to send us in your ideas (and great ones they were)! In the end, we decided the perfect song to start a new year needed to be upbeat, hopeful, epic and...groundbreaking! We think this song is all four. 

And so, your first #StageFaves song of the week is "Aquarius" from the musical HAIR.

From the moment HAIR exploded onto the New York theatre scene in October 1967 at the famous Public Theatre, it sparked a revolution for Musicals. The opening number "Aquarius" sets the scene of this funk-rock hippie feast of love and rage and naked bodies! Check out this awesome clip from the 1979 movie version and start your new year full of peace and love!

Are you a massive HAIR fan? What about HAMILTON? Then check out our blog featuring the hilarious video "Hair - The Crosswalk Musical" when Lin-Manuel Miranda joined James Corden for a day of fun, music and...nakedness. 

What do you want to see as Song Of The Week? Tweet us @StageFaves with the hashtag #StageFavesSOngOfTheWeek and have your say! Look out for the next #StageFavesSongOfTheWeek next Monday!