RyCa Creative get to Refresh-ing some Musical Theatre classics

24 Aug
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Author: Staff
RyCa Creative

From the people who brought you The Audition Sessions, last Sunday RyCa Creative presented their latest event designed to shake up the Musical Theatre Cabaret scene: RyCa Refresh.

Ever wanted to hear "Tell Me On A Sunday” as an Eva Cassidy folk ballad? Or a Little Mix acoustic version of "Make Him Mine"? Or how about a new take on "Feed The Birds" complete with spoken word section? We didn't know we wanted them until we heard them. Indeed, Creative Director and Producer of RyCa Ryan Carter says he has been inundated with requests to put the new versions on iTunes. That album can't come soon enough.

After all, when the 'Classics' of musical theatre were first written they reflected the musical preferences of the time, which led many songs becoming popular culture hits enjoying success both on and off stage. Fast forward to today and it's musicals like Hamilton and Waitress who are thriving as their music finds a style more closely related to what a modern day audience is used to listening to. It is reassuring to know there are people in the industry like Carter, working hard to push the limits of the established whilst still honouring what has gone before. And it's great for the performers too. From filming ‘Audition Sessions’ to live gigs with Refresh, Carter offers a much-needed platform for young stars to put their own spin on the material and showcase their talent.

Congratulations to all involved in pulling off a show which had the audience laughing, crying and whooping in equal measure. A genuinely Refresh-ing evening.