Spiderman toe-taps his way to internet royalty lip-sync singin' in the rain...dressed as Rihanna!

09 May
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Author: Holly Mallett

Tom Holland may well be on his way to Hollywood heartthrob status as he takes on the lead role of Peter Parker in the new Spiderman film which will be released this summer, but musical theatre fans have loved him since he took on the role of Michael in BILLY ELLIOT THE MUSICAL way back in 2008. Tom recently appeared on the American show Lip Sync Battle and used his screen time to remind us why he became a star in the first place with a toe-tapping intro "Singin' In The Rain" which quickly morphed into a rocking rendition of "Umbrella" which he performed...dressed as Rihanna!

We always knew the young stars of BILLY ELLIOT THE MUSICAL would go far, but we're super glad to see Tom hasn't forgotten where he came from! 

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