#StageFaves or the Olympics? Watch Incredible Lion King Athletes

11 Aug
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Author: James Lawrence

Have you been cheering on Team GB? Quite right. But we reckon the cast and crew of THE LION KING could teach some would-be Olympians a thing or two about athletic prowess - and we're not just talking about former All Black international Nicholas Afoa, currently playing Simba. In an incredible new series of videos, Team Lion King give audiences a glimpse into the rigorous regimes they undergo in order to keep themselves in tip-top shape for the show.

Watch the videos individually below and check out our playlist with all the videos so far - and more to come - right here:

Brazilian dancer and gymnast Gabriel Brasilio shows us what it takes to stay in peak physical condition for the Disney classic. Gabriel takes us through some gymnastic skills, which take years to master, and we also get a sneak peek at his dance preparations!

London's own Yolanda Burke is an ensemble dancer in the musical, but she's also a qualified personal trainer! In this video, she demonstrates the kind of high-intensity workouts that are required to build the stamina needed for THE LION KING. Yolanda also has a yoga regime to help her perform with the grace, control and power of a lioness. 

It's not just our #StageFaves performers who have to be on top form to deliver eight outstanding shows. Stage technician Joshua Opokua has to keep himself in serious shape to contend with the physical demands of making the production look amazing from a technical standpoint. In this video, Joshua takes his skateboard and hits the iconic skate spot down at London's South Bank as well as taking us through his own rigorous workout regime.

If these videos have impressed you, then why not see the cast and crew in action? You can buy great tickets to THE LION KING on #StageFaves. Click the image below to bag yourself some now!

There are more videos to come in this series and we'll be updating this post with them as soon as they come in. Don't forget to head over to THE LION KING cast page and give them some Olympic-style kudos!

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