#StageFavesSongOfTheWeek - "Will You Stay" from the cult rock classic Lizzie

23 Apr
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Author: Staff
StageFaves Song of The Week - Comic Book Kind Of Love .

It may be somewhat of a cult show, but LIZZIE, the all-female, heavy rock musical based on the life of Lizzie Borden and (possible) murders she committed, is a firm favourite in SatageFaves HQ.

The heavy songs are when the action really comes alive, but the more tender moments between Lizzie and Alice (her next door neighbour) become the heart of the show. Our #StageFavesSongOfTheWeek this week is "Will You Stay" from this bloomin' AWESOME, under-appreciated show!

Oh, and when we said rock, we meant ROCK!! With a healthy dose of metal and a pear-sized chunk of Riot Grrrl...and also, the UK cast was INCREDIBLE!!!

Oh go on then, we'll give you another one... Here's the big intro number "House Of Borden"...

Like what you heard? Our big boss lady Terri Paddock chatted to the cast in 2017 about feminism, Gothic rock and why Broadway legend Eden Espinosa chose this show as her London debut. Check it out HERE.