WATCH: Judy! comes to the West End - watch these #BehindTheScenes videos

18 May
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Author: Holly Mallett

Life on the yellow brick road wasn't always easy for the legendary actress and singer Judy Garland, but it was certainly exciting! Opening tonight at The Arts Theatre, JUDY! follows the story of one of America's greatest talents over three time periods - Young Judy (an innocent girl filled with hope and excitement as she heads toward her life-changing performance in The Wizard of Oz), Palace Theatre Judy (a woman at the height of her performing powers in the midst of a passionate romance with Sidney Luft) and CBS Judy (an older and possibly wiser woman).

In honour of this fantastic show, filled to the brim with #StageFaves, we've got a bunch of behind the scenes videos to whet your apetite for the month ahead. Now, all together - "Somewheeeere over the rainbowwww!"

Let's start at the beginning shall we? Writer and Director Ray Rackham spoke to West End Video about what first inspired him to write the show...

And what about the designers? The set, the costume, the hair & make-up all come together with the actors and musicians to make the show what it is! Meet the creative team behind the beautiful show...

You might not know this, but JUDY! actually began its life in a small pub theatre in Fulham and was originally called THROUGH THE MILL. The next year it transferred to The Southwark Playhouse before taking the leap to the West End where it became the show it is now. Watch the cast and creatives sharing their journey from a tiny fringe venue to The Arts Theatre in the heart of the West End. 

So now you know all about the journey, it's time to see it for yourself! Watch the trailer for the show, with the three Judy's singing everyone's favourite song and head over to The Arts Theatre where it plays until June 17.

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