Across the pond: WATCH Idina Menzel surprise her super-talented superfan on The Ellen Show

15 Sep
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Author: Staff

We've found our new StageFave! Eleven-year-old Luke Chacko became a YouTube sensation when he was filmed flawlessly belting out the famous Frozen song "Let It Go" in front of Elsa herself, Idina Menzel on one of her recent tour dates. The video quickly went viral and he was soon asked to appear on The Ellen Show where he spoke about his love for singing and how that has meant he often gets bullied in school. What he didn't know was that Idina was waiting backstage to surprise him live in front of The Ellen Show studio audience...

The look on his face is priceless! <3 

Luke then got the chance to perform live on the show in front of his hero (and everybody watching at home!)

And if you want to see the video that started it all - here it is! Idina's face when Luke unleashes equal amounts talent and sass is a picture!

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