Building up to The Story of Tonight: A news round-up of Hamilton

21 Dec
Author: Staff

As the hours count down to HAMILTON's opening night, we've rounded up some of the best news stories about this fantastic show and how it really is changing the face of musical theatre. From the realisation of Lin-Manuel Miranda's epic vision to the racial politics of its casting, there's even room for a light-hearted look at cast members' favourite lyrics and our very own 'spy in the stalls' report of the first preview. Find out more about HAMILTON here. 

`It`s the greatest theatre I`ve ever seen`: Giles Terera on `Hamilton` the musical
The gargantuan hit musical'Hamilton' is finally landing in London, and people are very, very excited about it. Giles Terera is taking on the second biggest role in the musical , Alexander...
`This isn`t colour-blind casting`: Hamilton makes its politically charged West End debut
Since Hamilton debuted in New York in 2015, the hip-hop musical, which transferred to the West End in London this month, has been breaking the conventions of musical theatre with...
Meet the man behind Hamilton`s success
Few stage shows have matched the level of anticipation created in London by the musical Hamilton, which has its press night this week. In New York, Lin-Manuel Miranda's show became a...
Watch Lin-Manuel Miranda Perform Hamilton-in Less Than 3 Minutes
Watch Lin-Manuel Miranda Perform Hamilton-in Less Than 3 Minutes
Watch Lin-Manuel Miranda Perform Video Hamilton- in Less Than 3 Minutes The Tony and Pulitzer-winning writer made this lightning fast version of his Broadway mega-hit for The Ellen Show....
Hamilton`s Cabinet: meet the team behind the hit musical
Hamilton has singlehandedly made Lin-Manuel Miranda. The unlikely hip-hop musical about America's founding fathers has catapulted its Puerto Rican composer to international fame. This time...
Were YOU at Hamilton`s first preview? Our spy in the stalls was. Here`s his view
Were YOU at Hamilton's first preview? Our spy in the stalls was. Here's his view
We just couldn't wait. We sent a little spy in the stalls for the first preview of the West End premiere of Broadway blockbuster HAMILTON. Catch up on his tweet thoughts and pics here. Have...
The London cast of `Hamilton` share their favourite lyrics from the show
The British cast of 'Hamilton' is young, diverse and heavy on the Londoners. Five of them tell us their favourite lyrics Giles Terera, Hackney Role: Aaron Burr Favourite 'Hamilton' lyric?...
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