Critics are raving about... Waitress at the Adelphi Theatre

14 Mar
Author: Staff
Critics are raving about...Waitress

One of a few big Broadway transfers to have hit the West End in recent months, WAITRESS is the irresistible musical from Sara Bareilles and the all-female creative team behind the original production. The show was a hit across the pond and judging by these reviews, it's going to be a success here too...

The Times - ★★★★★
Ann Treneman: This Broadway musical centres on a woman named Jenna, played by Katharine McPhee whose extraordinary voice is a thing of wonder...
Independant - ★★★★
Paul Taylor: This is both a romcom set in the workplace and a feminist drama...I'm not prepared to spoil things by spelling it out, but thing don't work out in the way you have been led to expect.
British Theatre - ★★★★★
Douglas Mayo: Waitress is blessed by a phenomenal cast headed by Katharine McPhee...playing Becky and Dawn, Jenna’s co-workers are Marisha Wallace and Laura Baldwin. Both have impressive comic timing and vocal chops to match, perfectly complimenting McPhee...
Ought To Be Clowns
Ian Foster: True story, I didn’t love Waitress when I first saw it in my Broadway Blitz of 2016. But as it sometimes the way, upon listening to the cast recording again and then again, I fell for the show that way...To think of it as a big Broadway show is to misinterpret what it is trying to do though...
The Stage - ★★★★
Tim Bano: An astonishing statistic about this Broadway transfer is that it’s the first Broadway show with an all-female lead creative’s also really wonderful, with the sweetness, crispness and comfort of the best homemade pie, and boasts one of the best scores to be written in recent years.
Evening Standard - ★★★★
Henry Hitchings: Sara Bareilles has crafted a propulsive score and lyrics packed with poppy nostalgia...Diane Paulus’s production is fluent without being unpalatably slick...there’s a whole lot of humour baked into it.
London Theatre - ★★★★
Mark Shenton: Here is an intimate everyday story of the power of workplace friendships and the joys of pie-baking - but not, as you might fear, full of sugar but also containing quite a lot of spice...this is a small show with a big heart...I loved it.
Broadway World - ★★★★
Marianka Swain: Diane Paulus (part of an all-female lead creative team) helms a vivid and charming production...there's a refreshing candour to the writing, a care which echoes that of Jenna's home baking, and the (still rare) pleasure of its female point of view...
London Theatre 1 - ★★★★
Chris Omaweng: It’s subtler than I had expected, this Broadway blockbuster that now has a home in the West arteries may have been slightly hardened as a result of this indulgence, but this is more than outweighed by my heart being considerably warmed...
Dominic Cavendish: I have to confess to craving a slice of humble-pie after watching Waitress...after two hours of more-ish, tuneful entertainment my carapace – crust, if you will – of scepticism had been breached, leaving warm appreciation oozing out...
Rewrite This Story - ★★★★
Olivia Mitchell: With music and lyrics by Sara Bareilles, it's the score that's really the stand out factor of this show...this nuanced musical is a sweet treat that will warm your heart, purely thanks to it's quirkiness and affectionate score.
Nerdy Notebook - ★★★★
Emily Garside: On the top layer, Waitress is sweet and fun with beautiful ingredients in the form of a stellar cast. But dig a little deeper and we find there are a lot more layers to the pie. Waitress is so much more than the fluffy romcom musical of a movie it’s marketed as....
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