Disney's The Lion King celebrates 15 million guests with pop-up in London's Waterloo station

21 Feb
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The Lion King celebrates 15 Million guests with pop-up

20 February 2018 marked the day Disney's THE LION KING celebrated the astonishing achievement of welcoming 15 million guests to the show. That's right...15 MILLION!!! To celebrate this awesome feat, they held a pop-up exhibition at London's Waterloo Station. We're sure it made the endless train delays that little bit more bearable!

20 February 2018 was the day THE LION KING celebrated 15 million guests with a special pop-up exhibition at London's Waterloo Station. In addition to this unique display showcasing some of the masks, puppets and costumes from the show, 30k travelcard holders were distributed to commuters visiting the station. 

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