Doodle: A new wartime comedy musical comes to London. WATCH the trailer!

04 Sep
Posted in: Theatre News
Author: Staff

We already know you like musicals, but who doesn't like to laugh, eh? Nobody, that's who! So we may have just found your new favourite musical. Written by American Idol’s Andy Street and actor Jonathan Kydd, DOODLE is a new musical, set in the classic comedy goldmine of World War II (err...). Honestly, though, it sounds hilarious, and we're in luck because it's coming to the Waterloo East Theatre next January. If you can't wait until then though, we've got a teaser trailer to tide you over until the new year...

"It is the year 1940. Britain is at war with Nazi Germany. Barnes Wallis the eventual inventor of the world famous Bouncing Bomb as featured in the film the Dam Busters (you know the black and white one where the bomb bounces into the dams?) is kidnapped by the Nazis to build them a Bouncing Submarine. No one believes the threat is serious (‘A Bouncing submarine? Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Absurd!’) and Barnes Wallis has so far only invented a Talking Robot called Trevor who is rubbish, so nobody, especially the King and Winston Churchill, believes Wallis’s kidnapping should be taken seriously. Consequently, a Z team of not very good misfits including a Sherlock Holmes impersonator is recruited to go on a secret mission to discover whether the threat is real or just a ridiculous joke. Once they're on their way it's discovered that the threat is so serious, it has the potential to lose Britain the war. (CUE HUGE DOOM LADEN CHORD)

21 songs including a really impressive one where the cast sounds like a Spitfire plane. David Niven and Charles Bronson are in it. Written by American Idol’s Andy Street and actor Jonathan Kydd. Whose father was actor Sam Kydd. Sam’s in it too."

DOODLE will play 9 to 28 January 2018 at the Waterloo East Theatre.