First Night Takeover: Eugenius! The Musical at The Other Palace

Perry with Warwick Davis on Eugenius!'s opening night

Our #FirstNightTakeover series continues with Perry O'Bree attending the full-scale premiere (on 31 January 2018) of comic-book musical comedy EUGENIUS!. In addition to producer (and film star) Warwick Davis and composer Ben Adams, Perry caught up with the show's stars and celebrity guests including Michael Ball, Carrie Hope Fletcher and Matt Terry...

Written by Ben Adams and Chris Wilkins. EUGENIUS! tells the story of Eugene (Liam Forde), a teenage boy whose nightly dreams of a distant world of heroes and villains may just be the ticket to him creating his very own comic book movie in Hollywood. Joined by his best friends Janey (Laura Baldwin) and Feris (Dan Buckley), our comic writing genius must discover the true meaning of growing up, finding the superhero within, saving the world from both earthbound villains and possibly those from distant galaxies, and along the way, falling in love.

In a bumper first-night video, Perry caught in-depth chats with producer Warwick Davis, composer and writer Ben Adams, co-writer Chris Wilkins, choreographer Aaron Renfree, stars Liam Forde, Laura Baldwin and Dan Buckley, as well as cast members Scott Paige and Alison Arnopp, and guests including Carrie Hope Fletcher, Matt Terry and Frankie Bridge.

Check out the show's #StageFaves page for full social media for the show, theatre and cast - as well as show photography.

First-night video

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