GET SOCIAL: #StageFaves celebrate Bank Holiday Weekend!

27 Aug
Posted in: Get Social
Author: Natalie Gomez
Our Ladies of Perpetual Succour

It’s Bank Holiday Weekend! And even better, the weather forecast looks bright and sunny! We rounded up 10 top tweets from our #StageFaves that capture that Bank Holiday mood!

Stride out of the office in style like those DREAMGIRLS!

THE BOOK OF MORMON tells where work where to go. Take that, work!

…and AN AMERICAN IN PARIS demonstrates what to do with those pesky files!

This level of celebration could be a tad advanced for most of us but remember that avoiding the dancefloor is not an option!

It’s not only a Bank Holiday, it’s the 37th anniversary of 42ND STREET…definitely time to party!

Will you stroll into the weekend like ANNIE or stomp into the weekend like (naturally!) STOMP? The choice is yours!

Blissful and bad! Grab a shot and toast the weekend with OUR LADIES OF PERPETUAL SUCCOUR!