Get Social: Spring has sprung for our #StageFaves in 10 tweets!

21 Mar
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Author: Natalie Gomez
The cast of TOMMY enjoying the sunshine!

The sun is in the sky and it’s officially spring! Yesterday was the Spring Equinox and now we can look forward to the days getting longer and the weather getting better (hopefully!) We took a look at how some of our #StageFaves bid goodbye to winter…

Embrace the green that’s springing up everywhere and channel your inner Elphaba with WICKED.


If only spring-cleaning could be done STOMP style!


Just like Gina Beck, we were all happy to see the sun! 


The sun'll come out tomorrow... Only a matter of time before the whole of London was singing along with ANNIE!


But beware…it’s not as warm as it looks, as #StageFaves Stephen John Davis and Matthew Captuo discovered…keep those coats to hand, guys!



And finally, spring has even sprung into rehearsals with the casts of BREAKING UP IS HARD TO DO, HONK!, I CAPTURE THE CASTLE and TOMMY!





Enjoy the sun while it lasts - and don't forget to turn your clocks back on Sunday!

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