INTERVIEW: Our #SummerMusicalMoment with Gary Trainor

06 Sep
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Author: Staff
Summer Musical Moment with Gary Trainor...

September has come around so fast but we're still in the mood for some summer talk! It's back to school time for many this week, so we though who better to chat to than SCHOOL OF ROCK's leading man Gary Trainor!? Gary told us about his time at Glastonbury, his plans to head out to France and how he's partial to a bit of Swedish country music...

Hi Gary! Were you rocking all through summer or did you get any time off?
I had a week off to go to Glastonbury festival for the first time which was incredible, also have a week off coming up at the start of September.

Have you got a holiday planned? What will you be getting up to?
Paris and Nice. I intend to chill out for the week in France seeing the sights in Paris and eating lovely food.

Where is your dream summer holiday escape?
I love getting home to Ireland over the summer, when you get a good day there is nowhere more scenic and beautiful, but I think my dream summer escape would be somewhere with a beach, crystal clear water, and good music in local establishments!

What are the 3 things you pack first?
Swimming trunks, sun glasses, good book.

What’s on your summer playlist?
I've been listening to a lot of 60-70's rock classic, but I have also started listening to a band called First aid kit. They are 2 Swedish sisters with an Americana country vibe, they have stunning voices.

Who would be your dream holiday companion?
My favourite holiday companion is my girlfriend, and I rarely go anywhere without her so that works out swell but I suppose in a dream world I'd love to go on hols with Dave Grohl - I think he'd be so cool!

Catch Gary in SCHOOL OF ROCK at the New London Theatre and send him some StageFaves love.