Join Faves founder Terri Paddock for Superhero post-show Q&A, 11 July

Michael Rouse in Superhero

How many dads does it take to make a musical? One is all you need. Join #StageFaves founder Terri Paddock for an exclusive post-show Q&A with the creators and star of new musical SUPERHERO - including the Stiles & Drewe award-winning song "Don't Look Down" - at Southwark Playhouse on 11 July...

‘Good afternoon, your honour. I’m Colin Bradley. I’m here today to ask you, your honour, not to let Christine Davis, my ex-wife, move out of the country with Emily Bradley, my daughter.’

Colin is a loving husband and stay-at-home dad who adores his daughter. But mistakes are made, and he finds himself in the fight of his life climbing Big Ben dressed as a superhero. How did he get here? And why couldn’t he get a bigger cape?

SUPERHERO is a world premiere one-man (or rather “one-dad”) musical that shows how you can ignore your fears when the stakes get high – really, really high.

Featuring the Stiles and Drewe award-winning song ‘Don’t Look Down’, SUPERHERO is a heartwarming story that looks at what it means to be a parent in the twenty-first century – with or without the cape.

SUPERHERO has a book by Michael Conley, music by Joseph Finlay and lyrics by Richy Hughes. It stars Michael Rouse, directed by Adam Lenson

For the SUPERHERO post-show Q&A on Tuesday 11 July 2017, Terri will be joined by some of the musical’s creators and star.