#NationalPetDay vs #SiblingsDay: Which wins in our #StageFaves face-off

11 Apr
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Author: Holly Mallett
Pets Vs People - Our #StageFaves share the love on Twitter

Today is no ordinary Tuesday - it's #NationalPetDay AND #NationalSiblingsDay!! Your #StageFaves have been busily sharing pics of their families and furry friends on Twitter and we've rounded up our favourite tweet pics of the day. 

The question is, who has the cutest pet and who has the coolest sibling!?

LIZZIE star Jodie Jacobs shared this lovely picture of herself with her sister and her niece! We think they look like peas in a pod!

Matthew James Hinchliffe posed with his sisters looking very angelic!

Whereas Cathy Read shared a pic of her and her brother hanging out on a boat in the sun.

But Joe Maxwell played it cool with his sister as they headed up north on their very own Sibling roadtrip! 

But what about the pets!?

Isabella Pappas upped the cuteness with a picture of TWO pups for #NationalPetDay and showed us dogs can pose for pictures as well as any human!

Amy Lennox proclaimed her love for this gorgeous pooch - we agree he's a beauty!!

Rebecca Caine shared a pic of her furry friend hiding from the sun on this beautiful spring day...

And finally, Hollywood heartthrob Luke Evans shared a spot of lunch with this hungry hound as they dined in style!

We loved seeing all of our favourite stars spreading the love online today and thought they were all great!

What was your Tweet of the day? Let us know on Twitter @StageFaves