Ordinary Days wins at the Drayton Arms "Eddies 2017" Awards

12 Sep
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Author: Staff
Ordinary Days wins 2017 Eddies Award...

The Drayton Arms Theatre is a champion of new and emerging companies wishing to take their work to wider audiences. Each year they award "Eddies" prizes to three theatre companies for their Edinburgh Fringe productions and the big winner for 2007 was...ORDINARY DAYS which will transfer there for three weeks from this November...

The Drayton Arms Theatre's  Kensington Prize 2017 wento to Streetlights, People! Productions’ ORDINARY DAYS.

Music and lyrics by Adam Gwon, presented by arrangement with R&H Theatricals Europe, following the parallel lives of four New Yorkers struggling to find meaning in the madness: Claire, who can’t let go of her past; Jason, determined to begin their future together; Warren, an artist who’s lost his sense of purpose; and Deb, a student who’s lost her thesis notes.
A witty, poignant, and ultimately very relatable story about human connection and finding beauty in unexpected places.Ordinary Days will run for three weeks beginning November 21st. 

The Drayton Arms Theatre exists to help new and emerging companies and artists to stage their work in a supportive and cost effective environment.  

We have found the most exciting new companies at this year's Fringe Festival and offered them the chance to remount their Edinburgh success with an immediate London transfer. ​All normal hire fees / rental costs to be waived as part of the award and we will also supply a technician for your Get In at no cost to the company, as well as ​flyer, poster printing and distribution costs. ​Companies are required to remunerate their own company members and provide a SM/Operator for the full run.  

100% of ticket sales go to the winning company. 

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