Our 9 #TopTweets from Behind the Scenes of Hamilton in February

01 Mar
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Hamilton Top Tweets - February 2018

There were backstage tidbits galore this February at HAMILTON and the official Twitter team were busy all month sharing cool content for fans to gobble up faster than a pack of valentines chocolates! There were boxes of wedding rings, unhappy Kings and...Spice Girl mannequins..?

Want to know some cool stats about how the awesome HAMILTON set came to be? Then look no further. Designer David Korins shares the numbers...

A show like HAMILTON require some serious sound-mixing skills. Check out Gareth Tucker mixing the show live!

The cast of this show are the Kings and Queens of the backstage run through and this video from Johnny Bishop was no exception...

Meanwhile, America was paid a visit from a very spice-worthy mannequin. Ginger anyone..?

Leslie Garcia Bowman plays Charles Lee and he shared a video of how he makes his hair so deliciously fluffy!

Whereas the King seems a little...unamused with the audience. Off with their heads!

Onto valentines day 2018! Debuty stage manager @heather_teas showed us just how many wedding rings are in the show...

How do they all prep from offstage? Why HANDSHAKES of course!!

And finally, Chris Tendai shares his #TendaiCommandments from backstage...

Here's to next month! We can't wait to see what those talented peeps come up with next.

Gah, we LOVE Twitter...