Same ol' gravy, different flavour! Oranges & Elephants finds its all-female cast

11 Dec
Posted in: Theatre News
Author: Staff

New musical ORANGES AND ELEPHANTS is receiving its world premiere as part of Hoxton Hall's all-female spring season Female Parts and its cast has now been revealed. The show centres on two rival female gangs in Victorian London blending Music Hall, Fairground and Musical Theatre storytelling, so which of your #StageFaves do you think would be suited to the task?

Susie McKenna directs a cast of actor-musicians: Kate Adams (Flo), Rebecca Bainbridge (Ada), Susannah van den Berg (Chair), Rosalind Ford (Nora), Liz Kitchen (Annie), Natasha Lewis (Violet), Sinead Long (Mary), Kate Marlais (Maggie), Christina Tedders (Nellie) and Sarah J Warren (Minnie). The production opens on the Thursday 25 January 2018, with previews from Tuesday 23 January, and runs until Saturday 10 February.

The narrative follows Mary’s arrival in London and her introduction to gang life. How will she make her life expectancy of twenty-five when the two gangs are after owning her? Mary wants to be a Music Hall star. Nellie of The Elephants falls in love with Mary and they try to escape from thievery to the bright lights of Piccadilly. Are the gangs going to allow that to play out?

ORANGES AND ELEPHANTS is a story of how important your wits are to survive if you are a poor woman in Victorian London. How you play the fame game set against a backdrop of a West End pickpocket turf war and an enormous divide between the rich and poor. “Same ol gravy, different flavour.”