#StageFavesSongOfTheWeek - Jonathan Groff & the original cast of Spring Awakening perform "The Bitch of Living"

17 Sep
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Author: Staff

It heralded a new zeitgeist in modern musical theatre that brought rock and roll back and broke the conventions of more traditional staging. With its cast producing hand-held microphones to sing and the band always fully visible onstage, SPRING AWAKENING exploded onto Broadway in 2006, reminding everyone that musicals could be cool!

Not only this, it introduced us to a new generation of young performers who have gone on to take both stage and screen by storm. Our StageFaves Song of the Week this week is "The Bitch Of Living" as sung by the original Broadway cast on the Letterman show...

There's no denying this was one of the most exciting musicals to come out of America since RENT. Check out this awesome Tony Awards performance...

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