#MentalHealthAwarenessWeek: How to visit the theatre on your own

18 May
Posted in: Features
Going to the theatre on your own...

"More often than not, I tend to go to the theatre by myself. While it took a bit of getting used to at first, I am now perfectly happy rocking up solo for some theatre magic!"

Sometimes it’s a buy-now-or-never ticket decision; sometimes it’s a weeknight; sometimes folks just aren’t free; sometimes it’s a bit of a niche show with your #stagefave that you know you will love but you’re not sure who to invite ... learn to love yourself and go ON YOUR OWN! 

Here are some of our tips for heading to the theatre solo style! 

1. Get over the stigma. The theatre is very much geared towards being a social event. At the end of the day though ("you’re another day older"…LES MISERABLES), you’re spending most of the actual show watching it rather than talking to your companion(s) (or you should be at least). Don’t wait around for people who’re only going to bail on you or bring someone you don’t think will enjoy it, just go for it and buy that single seat!

2. Bring a book. Those 10-15 minutes before the curtain rises can be painfully long. You could stare at your phone but I’ve found I can get a lot of reading done among the hubbub of an excited audience. It also shows folks around you that you’re happy with your own company. A lot of people are afraid of their own company but you can learn a lot about yourself by going anywhere on your own. Self Acceptance comes from learning to spend time in your own company! 

3. Talk to folk around you at the interval. If you can’t bear an entire evening without a conversation, strike one up with the person sitting next to you. Ask them if they’re enjoying it, where they’ve travelled from. BOOM. You’ve made a new theatre pal and the interval will probably pass a lot quicker. This will help you gain confidence and you never know, you could meet your life partner doing this! Expanding your friendship circle with like-minded people could massively boost your happiness if you're feeling down! 

4. Treat yourself. Only buying for one means you can sometimes buy that slightly better seat, or a glass of wine/ice cream without having to buy one for your partner/group. After all, if you can't indulge on your own, how can you indulge with someone else? 

5. Enjoy the show. Don’t feel down about coming by yourself. The people on stage are there to entertain everyone in the auditorium, including you. Sit back, relax and be transported for a couple of hours.

Fiona Says "I probably see a lot more theatre because I go myself and I feel richer for it - even if my bank balance says otherwise. It’s done wonders for my self-confidence and makes those occasions when I do go with others even more special"

Louisa Says "I've learnt a lot about myself from going to the theatre on my own. I also love it when I discover a new show, that people have turned their nose up at and because of limited season, they've missed out on the next big thing" 

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