WATCH: Our fave Jerry & Kevin videos from the gay dads of School of Rock...

08 Nov
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Our favourite #JerryAndKevin videos...

We LOVE #JerryAndKevin, the gay dads from SCHOOL OF ROCK who bring us hilarious (and gloriously tuneful) snippets of songs every week to brighten up our Twitter feed! We've rounded up some of the recent videos that made us giggle the most so that you can get in on the fun too!

If there was a video that sums #JerryAndKevin up the best, this is surely it. Their homage to HAMILTON has us dreaming of a West End multi-show rap-off...

Another fave has to be their tribute to the Spice Girls! Everybody together now... LALALALALALALAAAAA

We loved the time they were joined by cast-mate Alfie Parker for some Parisienne sass in Lady Marmalade...

But the coolest (and sassiest) video HAS to be when they brought their on-stage daughter to channel her inner Diana Ross...

And we could never forget where it all started - with the first video, a cover of the classic CHESS song, "I know him so well"...

What's your favourite #JerryAndKevin video? Have you seen them all? You can find them on Twitter @Jerry_and_Kevin and let them know.

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