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Previously appeared in

Salad Days

Salad Days

Open Date: 16 Aug 17 to 9 Sep 17
Part: Mrs Dawes

Salad Days Salad Days is the delightful story of recent graduates Timothy and Jane in the midst of a sunny summer in 1954. Glum with their overbearing and pushy parents to ‘find themselves something to do’, Timothy and Jane take on a job looking after a piano in a park. Little are they prepared to deal with the magic that follows, getting them int...

Norma Jeane: The Musical

Norma Jeane: The Musical

Open Date: 30 May 16 to 18 Jun 16
Part: Ida

In the dark days of 1961, eighteen months before she died, Marilyn Monroe was sent to a lunatic asylum when she thought she was being sent to a spa for rest and relaxation. This fascinating musical charts the three days she spent there. As she begins coming off the drink and drugs that had become the norm in her Hollywood lifestyle her mind starts ...

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