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Previously appeared in

Shit-faced Showtime:  The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Shit-faced Showtime: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Open Date: 2 Jul 17 to 23 Jul 17
Part: Cast

Shit-faced Showtime: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Stumble down the yellow brick road, try not to trip over the rainbow and enjoy drunken showtunes with friends of Dorothy and her little (hair of the) dog too. Shit-faced Shakespeare’s sibling Shit-faced Showtime joins them at the Leicester Square Theatre for an exclusive four dates in July. Ease o...

Anyone Can Whistle

Anyone Can Whistle

Open Date: 8 Feb 17 to 11 Mar 17
Part: Ensemble

ANYONE CAN WHISTLE Anyone Can Whistle is political allegory in musical comedy form that tells the story of a town that's gone bankrupt because its only industry is manufacturing something that never wears out. In order to revive her town Mayoress Cora Hoover Hooper and her town council fake a miracle - water flowing from a rock - to attract touris...

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