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Previously appeared in

Adding Machine

Adding Machine

Open Date: 28 Sep 16 to 22 Oct 16
Part: Mr One

Ever feel like killing your boss? After 25 long years spent adding figures in the same soul-crushing job, Mr Zero suddenly finds himself replaced by a machine. For the first time in his life, Zero takes his destiny into his own hands. The consequences set him on a path through this world and beyond, offering him one last chance for love, life and r...

Corbyn The Musical

Corbyn The Musical

Open Date: 12 Apr 16 to 30 Apr 16
Part: Tony Blair

  Corbyn the Musical: The Motorcycle Diaries By Bobby Friedman and Rupert Myers One of the year’s most anticipated comedies, Corbyn the Musical: the Motorcycle Diaries is a no-holds barred political satire which - unlike the pacifistic Labour leader - pulls no punches against politicians of all parties. The show sees Jeremy Corbyn facing a nuc...

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