Get Social: 10 top Twitter reactions to the Olivier Award nominations

06 Mar
Author: Natalie Gomez
Best New Musical nominees for 2017 Oliviers: Dreamgirls, The Girls, School Of Rock, Groundhog Day

Today (6th March) was Olivier Awards nominations day! Congratulations to all the brilliant nominees! You can visit our 2017 Olivier Awards event page to #GetSocial with all the #StageFaves musicals and stars nominated today. Here are 10 of our favourite twitter reactions from some of our #StageFaves nominees…

See below for how to celebrate an Olivier Award nomination SUNSET BOULEVARD style!


A VERY nice start to the day for Olivier Award nominee REBECCA TREHEARN!


Double the celebrations for Olivier Award nominee EMMA WILLIAMS! Huge congratulations!


Congratulations to Olivier Award nominee DAVID FYNN and fingers crossed you get the shoes sorted for the big night! 


What a great story! Congratulations to Olivier Award nominee BEN HUNTER Here’s to following your dreams…


…And we’re happy for CAROLINE DEYGA and Olivier Award nominees the cast OUR LADIES OF PERPETUAL SUCCOUR that this is no dream!


Exciting times for Olivier Award nominee AMBER RILEY!


Congrutulations to Olivier Award nominee TYRONE HUNTLEY and all hail JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR breaking records at the OPEN AIR THEATRE


Sometimes like ANDY KARL you can only say it in emojis! Congratulations for the Olivier Award nomination!


Sunflowers and smiles aplenty for CLAIRE MACHIN and all the Olivier Award nominated 'Girls'! Congratulations!


So it’s massive congratulations all around…we can’t wait for April. If only everyone could be a winner! And don’t forget to check out the 2017 Olivier Awards event page to #GetSocial with your favourites!