Get Social: Our favourite tweets from the big Doctor Who announcement!

17 Jul
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Top Tweets from the new Doctor Who announcement...

It takes a lot to out-hype the Wimbledon finals, but #Doctor13 may well have managed it! The announcement that Jodie Whittaker will be the first female doctor practically shut down the internet and loads of #StageFaves got on board to tweet their support. Here's a round-up of our #TopTweets from the epic announcement...

Curtis T Johns tried to fool us all with the announcement that it was actually him who was going to take on the iconic role

Whilst Stephen Leask made his preferences clear whilst simultaneously throwing his name into the mix (because we all know the new doctor doesn't know until everyone else does...).

But both guys were over the moon when it was announced Jodie Whittaker would take on the role and mocked those who didn't like the fact she's a woman...

Karl Queensborough was so excited by it all he could only repeat these two words:

And Thomas Aldridge thought the news was so exciting it might actually convert him to Dr Who!

Over all, tonnes of #StageFaves joined in to share their excitement and wish Jodie the best on this grounbreaking journey...

And finally, we'll leave it to Carmella Brown and #StageFaves editor Holly Mallett to silence the haters...

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