INTERVIEW: Our #SummerMusicalMoment with David O'Mahony

09 Aug
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Author: Staff
David O'Mahony chats to us about his summer plans in this #SummerMusicalMoment

Our #SummerMusicalMoment interview series is in full force and we're feeling the summer vibes! This week, we chatted to BEAUTIFUL's David O'Mahony about his post-West End plans, jetting off to foreign shores and taking his girlfriend with long as she gets a window seat!

Hi David, thanks for chatting! Beautiful is closing this summer, does this mean you'll get any time off?
With BEAUTIFUL closing on August 5th I've found the best way to get over post show blues is to go straight on holiday - So I'm flying off to my family home in Cork, Ireland for a week to relax and catch up with friends and family.

What will you be getting up to during your time off?
We get Sunday's and Tuesday evenings off (we have a Tuesday matinee) which means Sundays are about BBQ's and family and friends and Tuesday evenings are about seeing shows or having a nice evening out.

Where is your dream summer holiday escape?
My family home in Cork is perfect for recharging... but I'd love to go back to Valetta in Malta... or the Gili Islands, the Maldives or somewhere exotic like that. I'm going to LA in September 2018 so maybe a bit of early summer or spring trip to the far east!?

Get ready for the quickfire questions!

What are the 3 things you pack first?
I always think: if you've got your phone, wallet and passport - you're good to go.

What’s on your summer playlist?
I've recently discovered Spotify and Amazon Music so 'Alexa' and the random playlists are brilliant!

Who would be your dream holiday companion?
I guess I should say my girlfriend huh?! ;) She's pretty awesome as travel buddies go - she's always up for a random adventure and loves exploring or chilling... I just need to make sure she has a window seat in the middle of the plane as she gets motion sickness and HATES turbulence... All in all she's a dream!

David will be back soon for the BEAUTIFUL tour so send him some #SummerMusicalMoment vibes and make sure you keep checking in for our next interview...