Spotted on YouTube: Have you taken the 'Try not to sing along' challenge?

11 Apr
Author: Staff
We challenge you not to sing along with Olivier Award winner Amber Riley

It's no secret that belting out your favourite showtunes is one of life's guilty pleasures when you're alone...but have you ever tried NOT singing along? We spotted this hilarious challenge on YouTube. Tune in...

YouTuber justyouwaitforphysed has mounted four challenges so far, with the first one at nearly 30,000 views. He or she uses a deceptively simple formula - mash up a medley of musical theatre tunes and dare you to NOT join in for whole of the 5-minute video. Going by the comments, the game is a lot harder than you think! It's looking like Hamilton and Rent are the top two shows that break down listeners' resolve in the first video.

How long can you last? Can you make it through the whole video without joining in at all?

If you can make it through the first one, what about the next three, Try Not To Sing Along Challenge - Musical Theatre Editions #2, #3 and #4? Or if you're not brave enough, perhaps stick to reading the comments - they'll definitely keep you entertained. Some musical theatre fans fess up how far they got before they gave in and sang. Others end up in heated arguments about which shows are the best...or not! It certainly makes more entertaining reading and reassurance that we're all just as passionate as each other.