#StageFavesSongOfTheWeek - Idina Menzel sings "Nobody's Side" from Chess

01 May
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Author: Staff

It's been FAR too long but CHESS is finally back in the West End and it officially opens this week!! We knew we wanted to celebrate its return with #StageFavesSongOfTheWeek but there are so many amazing songs in the show we had a hard time deciding!

The last time CHESS came to London in such an explosive way was in 2008 for a concert version at the Royal Albert Hall. Idina Menzel, Josh Groban and Adam Pascal joined British-based StageFaves like Kerry Ellis and David Bedella for a truly fantastic, semi-staged version of the show and so we decided to choose a performance from this.

In the end we went with a song we don't think gets enough recognition. Our #StageFavesSongOfTheWeek this week is Idina Menzel singing "Nobody's Side" live at the Royal Albert Hall...

Want to watch the live footage from the show? (the main song starts at 2:54 but we reckon it's worth watching the whole thing because it's just SO good!!)

Did you see Chess In Concert? Our editor @Shmallett did and she won't stop talking about it...10 years later!!