Alexander Barria

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Previously appeared in



Open Date: 2 Aug 19 to 22 Aug 20
Part: Ensemble (2 Aug 2019 to 21 Sep 2019)

Evita From a life of poverty to the First Lady of Argentina, Eva Peron was hailed as the spiritual leader of the nation. Seen as the champion of the poor, her ambition, glamour and power made her the world’s first major political celebrity, winning the adoration of the people. With a chart-topping score including Don’t Cry For Me Argentina, Oh Wh...

It Happened in Key West

It Happened in Key West

Open Date: 5 Jul 18 to 18 Aug 18
Part: Cast

It Happened in Key West It Happened in Key West is the true 1930's story of an x-ray technician who meets the girl he has been envisioning and desperately seeking since he was a teen, only to diagnose her with tuberculosis and learn that she is married. How can he win over the woman he has sought all his life and save her from a certain death?Wha...



Open Date: 7 Feb 18 to 10 Mar 18
Part: Francisco Goya

Carmen Bizet’s unforgettable tunes, re-conceived as musical theatre, stirringly bring to life the story of a dangerous, seductive Spanish heroine recklessly playing with her fate and that of her lovers at a time of civil unrest and political uncertainty. An easily accessible, invigoratingly fresh look at perhaps the most familiar, beloved and pop...

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