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Previously appeared in

The Rhythm Method

The Rhythm Method

Open Date: 14 May 18 to 18 May 18
Part: Sol

The Rhythm Method The Rhythm Method is an extraordinary new British musical in the making - about the stuff that’s difficult to talk about - sex, relationships and contraception. With a top West End cast including Fra Fee and Michelle Marshall, and a four piece band, The Rhythm Method tells the emotional and physical journies of the people that m...

The Fix

The Fix

Open Date: 13 Jul 16 to 6 Aug 16
Part: Cal Chandler

When the most popular presidential candidate dies between his mistress’s thighs, his status-starved widow, Violet (Lucy Williamson), decides that if she can’t be the wife of the president, she’ll be his mother... Thrusting her lacklustre son Cal (Fra Fee) into the spotlight, Violet is determined to create the perfect politician at any cost in this...

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