Zara Macintosh

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Soon to be appearing in



Open Date: 18 Dec 17
Part: Alternate

Six The Musical From Tudor queens to pop princesses, the six wives of Henry VIII sing their way out of the history books and into the spotlight. With songs including Ex Wives, Haus of Holbein and Don’t Lose Ur Head, this pop concert remixes five hundred years of historical heartbreak into one hour of 21st century sass. If you thought this show w...

Previously appeared in

In The Willows

In The Willows

Open Date: 22 Feb 19 to 8 Jun 19
Part: Rattie

In The Willows - The Hip Hop Musical With epic show tunes and killer beats, this classic story is brought popping and locking into the twenty first century in an extraordinary new hip-hop musical. Featuring fast bikes, fierce moves and fabulous vocals. Mole’s first day in ‘The Willows’. The kids look a bit rough. Surely Mr Badger will look out fo...

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