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19 Jul

Wicked, the hit musical, tells the story of what happened before Dorothy dropped into Oz. It opened in London’s West End in September 2006 and has been enthralling audiences ever since with gravity-defying moments of theatre magic… BUT GUESS WHAT?! You definitely missed some hidden eggs inside this magical land, all the way from the Badlands to Munchkinland… Here are some references that link the two tales together.

18 May

"More often than not, I tend to go to the theatre by myself. While it took a bit of getting used to at first, I am now perfectly happy rocking up solo for some theatre magic!" Sometimes it’s a buy-now-or-never ticket decision; sometimes it’s a weeknight; sometimes folks just aren’t free; sometimes you’re not sure who to invite ... learn to love yourself and go ON YOUR OWN! Here are some of our tips for heading to the theatre solo style!

03 Apr

He has been in the business for almost 70 years, but Michael Blakemore is back at the helm of THE LIFE, a Broadway show he first tackled more than 20 years ago and is now receiving its long-overdue UK premiere. Musical Theatre Review's Scott Matthewman caught up with Blakemore to see if the show was as daunting second time round...