Post-show Q&A: Join Faves founder Terri on 6 Feb for The Jury's London premiere

Terri Paddock chairs a post-show talk at the London premiere of The Jury

The latest in Faves founder Terri Paddock's musical theatre post-show talks takes place on the official opening night of THE JURY, a brand-new original British musical making its London premiere at Highgate's Upstairs at the Gatehouse. Join us on Thursday 6 February!

Jason Schofield has been charged with the murder of his wife. He’s claiming self-defence. After an eternity of waiting, the case has finally come to trial and it’s up to twelve strangers to decide his fate. What really happened on that night? Was it cold-blooded murder? Was Emily Schofield really the victim here?

A ‘fly on the wall’ production sees 12 strangers collide in a case that will change them forever. The evidence is tainted, the verdict is divided, and the rules are abandoned.

The Jury has music and lyrics by Ashley M A Walsh, book by Amy Fletcher and additional lyrics by Fletcher and Timothy Vest. The premiere production is directed by Joseph Meighan.

The 12-strong cast are Laura Meaton, Katherine Green, Ashley Ball, Bethany Grace, David Gibbons, Kaidyn Hinds, Tom Blackmore, Huon Mackley, Elizabeth Brooks, Laura Coard, Janice Fryett and Charlie Culkin.

After the 7.30pm of THE JURY on Thursday 6 February 2020, I'll be joined by creatives and cast. Any questions? Join us!