My frenetic night live-tweeting the 2016 #OlivierAwards

04 Apr
Author: Terri Paddock
Source: Terri Paddock
#OlivierAwards 2016 on Twitter: to say it was trending is an understatement

Our founder Terri Paddock was on heading mission control for @StageFaves live-tweeting of the 2016 #OlivierAwards - while also juggling awards coverage of additional non-musical categories for her other sites. Here she rounds up the key tweets as they happened across the three accounts plus the official Olivier Awards Twitter feed.

After my frustrated efforts to both attend and tweet from the Olivier Awards nominations announcement back in February, I concluded that it was impractical to even attempt to attend this year's ceremony and stand a chance of covering it with my various theatre media hats on.

So instead I booked myself - thanks very much to the awards organisers at Society of London Theatre (SOLT) - in for a private, live screening of the ceremony at the Hospital Club in Covent Garden, nearby the Royal Opera House. Here's a quick round-up of the Oliviers news and buzz as it happened via my three Twitter accounts - @TerriPaddock and @MyTheatreMates for general reactions, @StageFaves for a strictly musical focus - as well as the official @OlivierAwards channel, which has got very slick indeed on the video and gif fronts.

My laptop crashed a few times, drinks were spilled and mistakes were made during a frenetic night - apologies for any confusion, particularly concerning Barry Manilow (he was not there, I must have temporarily time-travelled back to the Oliviers held at Theatre Royal Drury Lane in 2011 when he was!) - but I'm more convinced than ever that, in our social media age, this is the way to do it. Though next year, I'm going to recruit several more helpers... or find a way to clone myself.

Congrats to all winners and nominees, and thanks to all followers!


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