WATCH: Our Top 5 musicals in September that put women centre stage!

31 Aug
Author: Staff
Our Top 5 Shows this September which put women Centre Stage!

If 2018 is year of the woman (and it is!), then it all seems to be coming together now. This September, there are a host of fantastic musicals with women right in the centre of the action. Even more exciting, they all bring something totally new to the theatre scene, telling stories we rarely get to hear in commercial productions. Here are our Top 5 Feminist Picks opening over the next month...


This year marks 100 years the first women (read: white, middle class) got the vote so it only seems right to open our list with SYLVIA which plays at the Old Vic theatre from 1 - 22 September. This modern musical celebrates the life of Sylvia Pankhurst, her pivotal role in the campaign for women’s rights and the price of the passion and politics that tore her family apart. 

Earlier in the year, cast members from the show took to the stage at Trafalgar Square to welcome the 5,000 strong crowd who took part in the March4Women. Check out their performance here. We dare you not to be inspired...

2. SIX

Divorced, Beheaded...Live! It seems like this sassy new all-female musical about the six wives of King Henry VIII can do no wrong! After 6 sold-out shows at the Arts Theatre in London and a stratospherically successful month at the Edinburgh Fringe, SIX returns to the Arts for a full month's run! Well, actually...even longer. It's not even opened yet and it has ALREADY BEEN EXTENDED!!

If all the hype wasn't enough to convince you this is a must-see, check out this trailer. We reckon Lady Gaga would be in awe of the costumes alone!


The Southwark Playhouse has long brought awesome new musicals to London and this is no exception. Another all-female show, UNEXPECTED JOY is the story of three generations of female singers, long-held family tensions and a week together where change is in the air. Add to that, it's a coming out story that explores embracing family whilst staying true to yourself. 

We don't think there are enough stories showcasing strong, queer female characters so this is an absolute must-see for anyone who wants to see a refreshing slice of LGBT+ representation in the capital. 

Check out this little behind the scenes snippet...


Another show examining prominent women in history, WASTED showcases the Brontë sisters as you've never seen them before! Through the lens of a rock documentary, this new musical gives an access-all-areas account of the struggles, heartbreaks and triumphs of the three Brontë sisters Charlotte, Emily, Anne, and their brother Branwell.

If you enjoyed last year's LIZZIE you'll love this show! And if that's not enough, StageFave superstar Natasha Barnes stars as Charlotte. Check out this video of Natasha doing her rock and roll thing here....


A new take on a classic Sondheim, this multi-award winning musical comedy about life, love and marriage follows the character Bobbi during their 35th birthday party. The thing that makes this production particularly cool though (apart from the fact that PATTI LUPONE IS IN IT!!!!!) is the fact that the lead character who is usually played by a man, will be played by Rosalie Craig.

This gender swap production turns the tables on the male-female dynamic and allows classic songs like "Being Alive" to be heard from a female perspective. In fact, to get you SUPER excited, we've got this cheeky video of Rosalie singing the song at the COMPANY opening earlier in the year...

We couldn't be more chuffed to see such a fantastically wide range of shows putting female stories and voices centre stage! From rediscovering specific moments in history to reworking classics, September 2018 is certainly going to be a month that challenges the stereotypes of a woman's role on the London stage!

Long may it continue!