Ellis Dackombe

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Previously appeared in

Avenue Q

Avenue Q

Open Date: 25 Jan 19 to 9 Nov 19
Part: 1st Cover Trekkie/Nickie 2nd Cover Princeton/Rod

Avenue Q Meet Princeton, a bright-eyed graduate who comes to New York City with big dreams and a tiny bank account. Brian the out-of-work comedian and his therapist fiancée Christmas Eve; Nicky the good-hearted slacker and his closet gay Republican roommate Rod, an Internet ‘sexpert’ called Trekkie Monster, Lucy the Sl*t (the name says it all!) an...

Thrill Me

Thrill Me

Open Date: 25 Jun 18 to 30 Jun 18
Part: Richard Loeb

Thrill Me The Lindbergh Kidnapping... The Great Train Robbery... The O.J. Simpson Case... so many crimes have been labelled the crime of the 20th Century; yet none engaged the world like the case of Leopold and Loeb, the self- confessed ‘Thrill Killers’. Telling a shocking true story of two rich kids; one obsessed with crime, the other love. Loeb,...

Miracle on 34th Street

Miracle on 34th Street

Open Date: 27 Nov 17 to 23 Dec 17
Part: Fred Gailey and Daniel Williamson

Miracle on 34th Street: A Live Musical Radio Play London, 1947. In a busy radio studio, the cast and crew are assembled for a very special recording of this year’s biggest Christmas hit movie.  When the actor employed as Santa Claus, the star attraction of the world-famous Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade is discovered drunk, it is up to by-stander Kri...

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