#StageFaves: 8 of Our Favourite Olympic Fever Tweets

18 Aug
Posted in: Get Social
Author: Staff

Every four years, we go absolutely wild for sports we know next to nothing about. Fencing? Get it on the telly. Synchronised swimming? Absolutely. Dressage? Bring it. We all love the Olympics and our #StageFaves performers are no exception. We've gathered a few of our favourite Olympics tweets from our performers who've been keeping up with all the action in Rio.

Like Rhiannon Chesterman, who hasn't dreamt of settling down with an elite athlete? We can't see any additional upsides of marrying a gymnast though. No. Definitely not. Nuh-uh.

The infamous top-knot continues to provoke controversy, even when it comes to one of the heroes of London 2012! Adam J Hepworth expresses his disappointment in Louis Smith's new 'do... 

We agree with Jay Bryce. It's tough to improve the Olympics, but we're fairly sure that added Michael Jordan, Wayne Knight and Bill Murray would enhance things.

Bonus fact: the original Space Jam website is still online. It's like gazing into the past...see for yourself!

Josie Brightwell makes a great point. HRH Glenn Close - the undisputed queen of styling it out with a good blast of head voice. If we give the USA Glenn Close, can we have Imelda Staunton sing 'God Save the Queen' every time Team GB wins gold as well please?

Just sidle up and sit down poolside in some red shorts. They won't throw you out. Confidence is everything. Godspeed Mark Townsend.

Has Dale White fathered a potential future Olympian? The hard work starts here, coach!

Olympic fever even extends as far as Richard Munday's dressing room at Her Majesty's Theatre!

Aaand Davina Perera has just ruined the beach coverage for all of us!